Wednesday Classes

If you were to come visit us on most Wednesday mornings you would be able to observe one of our adult classes which includes classroom and sailing sessions. However, we do schedule specific classes for novice and advanced sailors throughout the year. These class schedules will be posted on our website and information is available directly from the Charlotte Harbor Community Sailing Center.

If you have been wanting to get back in to sailing, this is the class for you! You will find knowledgeable and friendly certified instructors who are excited to get you refreshed and ready to sail again.

Perhaps you have always wanted to try sailing, but have been intimidated. The Charlotte Harbor Community Sailing Center is the best place in the area to learn to sail! No intimidation factor here! Don’t miss this Punta Gorda gem!

Last year we introduced an adult continuing education class that  grew to include sailors at all levels of experience. This class offered experienced sailors the opportunity to share their knowledge with new sailors and resulted in a fantastic atmosphere for sailors of all skill levels.  By doing this we were able to spend individual time to master everything from rigging the boats to sailing techniques. The normal span for a class is 6 to 7 sessions. However with the flexible enrollment we have been able to extend the session for the same cost! Our aim is to get you comfortable on the water so you enjoy sailing for a long time to come!

So what are you waiting for? Come sail away with the Charlotte Harbor Community Sailing Center.

Wednesdays starting at 8:00am
Cost is $180.00 per person
Want to save some money? Contact us about our Member and Multiple Enrollment discounts.

Registration Info:

Print and fill out the following forms and either bring them to you first class or mail them to:

Charlotte Harbor Community Sailing Center

19246 Palmdale Ct.

Port Charlotte Fl. 33948

Membership Form

Class Registration Form

Swim Check

Sailing Instructions & Safety

Release Form

This program is also being used as part of our Homeschool Program to encourage families to sail together. What a novel idea; families together on the water!