Who We Are

Welcome to the Charlotte Harbor Community Sailing Center’s web site. The sailing center of Charlotte County, Florida, on the great Charlotte Harbor which opens to the eastern Gulf Of Mexico. We are a 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation founded for the education of sailors and boaters.

Our Mission

To provide a format and place to offer courses to the youth of the area, in basic sailing and to achieve skills in boat handling, and racing techniques . By offering classes and time for adults and youth groups to gain techniques in boat handling, and in the sport of small boat racing, we find that families have a time to grow together along with developing seamanship and safety.

We are about providing a low cost program for all in the community. We receive special funds that are available for those that would like to see their youth learn about boating and water safety. These scholarship funds are based on a special case by case need. We would like to see all that desire a better knowledge of sailing, and boating, to have the chance to develop these skills. We encourage support from all that are able to do so, and any donation is tax deductible to this 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation. We thank the community for enabling us to achieve the public not-for-profit status with the IRS over a private status. Thank you for your support!

Company Profile

We have certified instructors and race officers that can help assist you in your needs for sailing instruction, and staging regattas, and many other sailing events. We have years of experience in sailing with adaptive needs (handicapped), and aim to have a facility that can handle this in the coming years. Differently abled sailing, is one thing that helped with the desire to start the center, along with a long-time involvement with Charlotte Sailing Association in Charlotte County. The work that these fine gentlemen did for years set the foundation for those sailors who learned sailing, to have a place to continue to develop those skills learned. As we became more involved with those with limitations on their abilities, we saw the joy they found when out on the water sailing for themselves. This is still part of the aim of the center along with many more services open for the community.