Sailing Instructions & Safety

Safety for Sailing Instruction

  1. While on or near the water during training courses, Instructors and students shall wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved PFD (personal flotation device). They must be of proper size for person wearing them. Before entering area near water device will be check for proper fit.
  2. Before being allow out on boats you must have cleared the swim certification process. See section for swimming.
  3. Proper clothing for sailing will be required for safety issue on the water. This will be checked by a visual by Instructor. Correction must be taken care of before   allowing to participating in instructions.
  4. Students are required to follow instructions of the Instructor or they will not be able to participate in the instruction session. For safety of all students we must have cooperation on this.
  5. There will be no instructional session on the water when air temperature is below 45 degrees.
  6. All instruction session on the water will be returned to shore when winds of 15 kts. are sustained.
  7. No students are allowed on the water without and Instructor or Assistant in a safety boat during an instructional session.
  8. Sailing by the Navigation Rules of the Road will be taught and will be followed.
  9. All instructional session will be held free from commercial traffic and clear of large vessels. You are not permitted to sail close to a large vessel during instructional  sessions.
  10. At all times stay with your vessel until help arrives if the need arises. Do not swim away from your boat.
  11. New student are not expected to render assistance but to make it know to the Instructor if there is a need on the water.
  12. Each vessel shall have a throw-able flotation device on board which can be thrown to someone in need.
  13. Each vessel is required to have on board some type of bailing device to remove water form boat if needed.
  14. Each student is expected to understand sailing exercise before heading out on boat.
  15. Students are expected to be in proper health for sailing session or they will be cannot be allowed to sail in that session.
  16. Each vessel must be checked for proper condition before being allowed on the water.
  17. Students are expected to ware proper lotions that they may need for protection from the elements. This will vary per student’s conditions but students are expected to follow those needs.


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