Minifish Sailing

Kids Camp #3 Sailing Pictures & Videos

We have a couple of older teens in our last Kids Camp of 2024. We like to see people of all ages learn to sail. This youngster is big enough to right a Sunfish if he should capsize it. This girl has been with us before and knows how to sail a Minifish. It really helps some of the new kids to talk to someone their own age or younger, or just to follow her around as she sails. Light winds shift around a lot in the sheltered basin so the kids learn to pay attention to it....

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Indoor pram instruction

Kids Sailing Camp #2 Highlight Pictures and Videos

Kids got in some light air sailing on our first day of Kids Camp #2 for 2024. The two teenagers are in Sunfish and two younger girls are in Minifish. It’s always fun to watch new sailors struggle and then the lights come on! We also teach basics indoors in an Optimist Pram on wheels. It’s on wheels so that we can move it in response to kids moving the tiller. It’s indoors because we have air conditioning and kids learn better when they’re not trying to manage a deluge of sweat. Day Two featured almost no wind. We got in a little sailing when possible. Day 5 got off to a slow start with no wind until after 10:00 but some breeze finally came in and the kids got out sailing. Full sails, smiling faces! Turned into a great morning for sailing! Kids sailing Charlotte Harbor....

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